18th Birthday Party Ideas: Plan The Coolest Party For Your Daughter

When a girl turns eighteen, it doesn’t only mean that this is the moment she experiences an awesome party, it is also the mark that she’s now becoming a young lady.  That is why 18th birthday celebrations should be very special and memorable.

Turning 18 only happens once in a girl’s life.  Most want to celebrate it with a bang while some want to just celebrate it with relatives and closest friends.  Neither, if you are planning to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday, I have a list of tips on different 18th birthday party ideas which can help you plan and throw a small or a big birthday party that your daughter will definitely cherish forever.

Most common party themes:

Let’s start out with the theme of the party.  There are tons of themes out there but here are my top picks best for debutantes:

Casino or Poker Themed Party

You probably will have guests who are above 18 are legal to play poker or blackjack. This kind of party theme will bring fun and excitement to your daughter’s guests.  You can simply head to your local casino or transform a venue to look like a real casino.

Princess Themed Party

This is the most common type of party where in everyone is invited to a ball-like party.  Everyone will be in their formal attire while the set-up of the desired venue would look like you are in a castle celebrating a party of a princess. Also popular to have a number of the princesses social dance – cotillion.

Club Themed Party

If your daughter loves to party like she is in a club, it is best to throw her this kind of theme on her birthday. You can hire your own DJ for the music and create a dance floor for everybody to move and groove at. Of course, it is not always required to serve alcoholic beverage to these young adults – you can serve punch or whatever type of drink you want to serve, I’m sure neither would be great!

Carnival Themed Party

A theme wear you will be able to feel young again. Cotton candy machines, theme park games, popcorn, lollipops and other things you can see in a carnival – you can serve them all in your daughter’s party.

Rock Themed Party

If your daughter loves rock music or into music, throwing her this kind of party would be the best idea. She might know a band that could play in her concert-like celebration and be the music in her party.

Now what’s a party if there are no party favors?  Your guests would love to receive a little something to remember your daughter’s debut.  It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. I have a few ideas that I can share you to have a memorable 18th birthday party:

Chocolate lollipops

Chocolates can be molded into different shapes.  If you are having a Casino themed party, you can shape the chocolates to poker chips or dollar sign.  Molds are available in a store near you or you can easily buy them online.

Loot bag of goodies

You can put just about anything in a loot bag.  You can throw in candies, trinkets, thank you card, etc.

Sugar cookies with frosting

  • This type of party favor can either be ordered or prepared at your home. Sugar cookie recipes can be looked up online or you can ask someone in the family who knows how to bake to help you.  You can make round cookies and write your daughter’s name on it by using frosting. Slip the cookie in a pouch and finish it with a ribbon.


It doesn’t have to be made out of gold. It can be made out of yarn, or any other affordable make of necklace. It would be great if you add a pendant that matches your party theme for everyone to have a memorabilia.


A simple keychain with your daughter’s name on it is an awesome giveaway for your guests.

You don’t have to spend so much money on little things; you can get tips of DIY’s online and just ask family members to help you or just follow the 18th birthday party ideas above.

Having a very memorable 18th birthday for your daughter doesn’t have to be pricey. You can always look up affordable things, venue and catering.  What’s important is that the fun is there along with your loved ones.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas and Tips

Everyone loves partying. Whether it’s a birthday or a street party, most people find it very relaxing and pleasing. But throwing a successful event roots to well-prepared and creative birthday party ideas.

Without proper preparation, it’s almost impossible to have a seamless and successful event. So what makes an event successful? It’s simple. Again, it’s all about preparation and knowing the celebrator, in case of birthday party, or knowing who are likely to attend that said event.

If you have this information, it will be easier to gather your thoughts and generate ideas of what will be the key ingredients to a successful event especially what constitutes a fun event.

To make this discussion as brief as possible, let’s focus our attention to birthday parties. Birthday parties are generally harder to organize and prepare for, especially if you are really eyeing to have a fun event.

The Celebrator

celebratorSince birthday parties are to commemorate a person’s special day, it is a common sense to focus your attention to the celebrator. But this can be very confusing to begin with especially if you don’t have enough information about the person or party organizing as a whole.

Thus, knowing the person deeply is very essential in making his or event meaningful, intimate, and worthy of remembering for the rest of the life of the birthday celebrator.


Another important consideration that one must consider about organizing a seamless birthday party is to customize it on the liking of the celebrator. Obviously, it is very important to consider and customize the party from birthday party ideas to decorations.

Things that must be customized when organizing an event include theme, food or menu, venue, and activities, among others. By considering these key points, it’s more likely that you can create a successful birthday that any celebrator will surely never forget.

18th Birthday Ideas – Celebrating that Special Day

There comes a time of the year when excitement suddenly heightens as you await for a certain date that is special to you to come – this may be true for you or for those who are close to you. This certain time occurs when the date for that special occasion, that only happens once every year, draws closer and closer. It is a time of both looking back at what has been and looking forward to what lies ahead. It is an event that is very personal yet, at the same time, it is also an occasion wherein you can share special moments with both your friends and family. If you still have no clue as to what is being referred to by the previous sentences, then it is about time for you to be enlightened.

This special occasion, which we have been talking about earlier, can be no other than that certain occasion we refer to as birthdays. Maybe you’ve celebrated it as a kid or have been constantly attending one since you can remember. It is without a doubt that birthdays are not your average parties. Birthdays are always considered special and are usually made to be memorable year after year. Out of all the birthdays that we celebrate in our lives, there are certain years that we consider as milestone birthdays. These are the numbers of years that typically signify something out of the ordinary. One such year would be when one is still a teen yet with added responsibilities as a young adult. It is that age when one turns to the legal age of 18. So, how does one celebrate an 18th birthday? Fortunately, there are tons of ways to make that special day memorable and here are a couple of 18th birthday ideas to help you get started.

When a person turns 18, there should be less obscurity when it comes to planning. The celebrant may not be really an adult yet, but at the same time he/she is no longer a child. Thus, he/she should have an idea of the sort of celebration that he/she would like to have. However, this doesn’t mean that the planning process should be taken for granted as it will involve a number of things. From simple to complex celebrations, there’s a party theme that you can follow. Planning out a birthday celebration can be really fun yet challenging at the same time – from designing the invitations, thinking of party games and also selecting food your birthday menu. What’s even more fun is the fact that there are people out there such as friends and loved ones who are willing to help you with the entire process. It certainly is going to be an enjoyable and memorable part of your life so you better know how to do it right. Imagine you and your friends having such a great time and there are nothing but good memories to keep once that party’s done. Furthermore, if you aren’t the celebrant, you might ask yourself, what sort of special act can you do to make the occasion unforgettable for the 18-to-be? One act that might instantly enter your mind would be to give the celebrant a nice gift that he/she could treasure even for the years to come. The size or even the price should not be given much of a significance when selecting the right gift. What is important is that you know that the recipient will be delighted when he/she receives that gift.

These 18th birthday ideas are intended to give you an idea on how to go about with your party plans. How your celebration will turn out will still mostly depend on what you have in mind. Hence, use your creativity to lay out a great party that you and your friends will surely enjoy. It’s a milestone year that deserves a memorable celebration. Maybe you will hate turning 18, or maybe you will love it. Whatever you may feel about the occasion, be grateful for another year to spend to look forward to new experiences. Cherish the past and anticipate greater things ahead. Turning legal shouldn’t be too bad of an event after all.

How to throw a successful birthday event

16thpartyOrganizing a birthday party may appear very easy to some people, especially those who haven’t tried organizing one. But for those who have no personal experience in organizing such event, particularly birthdays, it is not a simple and easy task.

With all the works needed to make an eventful birthday, party organizing is indeed not a walk in the park experience. Especially for girls, who are more meticulous on how they would celebrate their birthdays or how it will turn out, parents organizing the event must pay extra attention to every details of the event.

Knowing your Kid’s Personality

In the cases of parents, knowing their kids’ children as a person and individual is not a hard task. Since they have been there, in most cases, since their kids were born, this should offer them the chance to get to know their kids a little bit more as an individual.

But for the part of the professional organizers, there’s no other way knowing the celebrator’s personality than asking her parents, friends, and people that surrounds her. After getting vital information about the celebrator’s personality, these information will be very useful in knowing how the party will go.

Plan the theme

There’s no important party without a theme. When the girl is celebrating an important milestone to its life such as sweet 16 or 18th birthday, it’s only fitting to have a theme for the party. Your knowledge about the celebrator’s personality will come in handy in planning what theme to use.

Choose a venue

venuesAnother important aspect in organizing a party is to plan the venue. If you don’t have any idea on where to hold the event, you can choose one that’s easily accessible both to your family and the guests. If you are planning to hold the party outside of your house, the venue must be very convenient for the guests.

Planning A 16th Birthday Party for Boys

16thOrganizing a party specifically for boys is a bit easier than that of girls. Since boys are less concern of having an extravagant party, they are like easier to please. Thus, organizing a birthday party for boys is a whole lot easier task.

When planning a birthday party for a boy, there are only few things that organizers should look into. To start with, when you decide to plan for a birthday celebration of a boy turning 16, you might want to do some masculine inspired themes. Since the boy is now about to become a real man, it’s a god idea to prepare him on what the real world of men really look like.

In order to have a fun and meaningful a birthday party for boys, parents or party organizers should know what most boys and men like. From their preferred party theme to food to be served, all these must be taken into consideration.

If you don’t have any idea of where to start, these tips can help:

Rock-and-roll Themed Party

rock and rollMost men love the idea of rock and roll and being a rock star. So having a party that is within the comfort zone of most men is a good choice. If you don’t have the needed equipment, you can rent from a party service provider to provide you with the necessary things you will need in holding this kind of party.

 Beach party

Who doesn’t love the beach? Men too love to hang out at the beach do some beach activities. Thus, holding a boy’s 16th birthday party is a surely a hit. If the celebrator’s birthday falls on a summer season, doing it in a swimming pool instead is a good idea.

beachpartyAlthough these common suggestions may apply to most boys, you still have to consider the personality of your child in organizing the party. You have to know what are his likes and preference so your kid will have a very memorable and fun 16th birthday celebration.

Tips for Organizing a Party

party suppliesTo most people across the world, a person’s birthday is a very important milestone. When we’re young, it’s the dessert, gifts, and things that make the event more fun are the things that determine the success of their birthday.

A birthday party when you’re older might be a lot better than during the time of your childhood. There are many ways to celebrate parties in a fun way. If you’re planning to organize your kid’s birthday party, going on a trip to event shops can be very helpful in getting some ideas and insights on how to throw a party the best way.

Shopping for party supplies

The very first thing that must be considered when planning a party is to organize the party event. By way of getting insights from the internet, one can have unlimited ways of arranging the party venue so as it will fit the celebrator’s personality and the entire motif of the event.

When shopping for party supplies, take into consideration the things that you only need for the event and your budget. Setting your shopping list and your budget will eliminate unexpected expenses that you might incur and will leave you shocked at the counter.

Finding Party Venue

party venueAfter you have purchased all the needed materials in setting the party venue in a party atmosphere, you need to plan for the food to prepare and the menu for the event. If you‘re planning for a children’s party, you don’t want to serve foreign dishes that most children don’t know. Planning the food only means that you will prepare what is appropriate to your guests.

 Choosing Entertainment

Entertainment is a major key to almost all parties and events. Without it, the event will be boring. For younger generation, entertainment sometimes determines the success of the party that without it, a party is a total failure. For teenagers in particular, a good entertainment in most cases, equates to a good event.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls: What to Consider

If you’re searching for birthday party ideas for girls theme, then there are many things that you have to consider before deciding which theme to do and implement. Girls in particular have a unique taste when it comes to almost everything.

In this article, are recommended themes in which one can follow in order to make any birthday party worth remembering. Regardless of your girl’s personality, they pretty much certain several similarities that parents should be aware of when organizing birthday party ideas for girls.

–Pool party

Wait, pool party is not what most adults would think of. For younger people, pool party means party at the poolside. A pool party for young people is absolutely fun. Though it’s not that special especially since they have surely have attended one in the past. So it’s not that spectacular as other birthday theme. Pool parties offer enjoyment and easiness to the visitors. To pull off pool party, all you have to do is to find a regular size pool just around the corner. It doesn’t have to be very posh.


Another common and favorite party theme for most people is the Hollywood theme where the attendees have to dress up like their Hollywood idols and stars. Aside from the fact that this is indeed a fun theme, this can also encourage your child’s creativity as well as their children.

–Combining themes

If you’re torn between two or more themes, why not combine these themes. Let’s take the first two themes as an example. If you think a pool party and a Hollywood-themed event are equally good and cool, why not combine them instead? With this, you can get the best of both worlds.

Organizing a birthday party doesn’t have to be that work extensive. You only have to follow some experts’ tips and some creativity.

How to Avoid Party Event Failures

When you’re preparing for an event, especially a 18th birthday party, there are actually some important points that must be considered to make the entire occasion eventful. Before anything else, you have to ensure that the presents you bring fit the birthday celebrator’s personality.

Making sure that the gift you would bring fits the celebrator’s personality is only one of the things that you should take into account. But other than this, there are still more important points to consider to ensure a successful party, particularly an 18th birthday, which is a very important milestone to young ladies.

These are some points to avoid in order to have a meaningful, fun, and exciting event:

— Never do some activities that are far off and too childish. as much as you think your child will like it, whether you like it or, your kid is already grown up and that you have to accept this idea.

— Do not hire a DJ who can’t keep up with the musical inclination. It is very important to note that music is a very important ingredient to a successful party. Without it, everything will be boring. Young people these days love

— If you want to be the cool parent, you need to reconsider what makes a good party or an event, at least. As you would know, young kids love crazy things. Then in order to impress your kids, you really need to know what makes them happy and what are the things that they think are cool,

If you will just focus on these things, you can certainly avoid to have a messy event that will surely left a mark on your kid’s memory. A person only turns 18 once so might as well make this event very memorable one. These points may be very awkward to some people and they may find it very difficult to follow.

Garden Party Ideas – Tips for a Fun Outdoor Party

The idea of having a party at garden is definitely inviting. Think of warm weather, fresh air, a golden sunshine and the green grass accompanied by a variety of flowers – who wouldn’t look forward to such an occasion? Set at just the right time of the year, hosting a garden party for any kind of occasion is a great way to spend some valuable time with friends and family. However, to ensure that your garden party will be a memorable and enjoyable one, proper planning and preparation is an important part of the process. If you haven’t been to one or if you have no clue on how to go about with planning one, then there’s no need to worry at all. We will guide you in the process with some useful tips and pointers to help you plan that great garden party. Here are a number of garden party ideas to help you with your preparations:

Choosing the Right Centerpiece

It is important to stick to the garden theme when setting up your venue. And when it comes to this aspect of planning, you simply cannot ignore the fact that choosing an eye-catching and interesting table top centerpiece is essential for the party. Centerpieces are found on dining tables where your guests are going to spend a good amount of time in. With your own flair of creativity and help from some inspirations, selecting a centrepiece shouldn’t be much of a problem. Speaking of inspirations, check out this page from MarthaStewart.com which presents very interesting centerpiece suggestions for your next garden party.

Menu Considerations

What’s a party without food? Fresh fruits, salads and refreshing juices seem to be must-haves in any kind of garden party. Desserts are also an important part of the menu. Have those pies, cupcakes and cookies ready and more than that, add a little extra to them by making them fit more into the entire garden party setting. For instance, decorate the cupcakes with flower icing or fondant.

Play an Outdoor Game

Parties are all about having fun; so why not level up the fun by playing some outdoor games? Let everyone give their inner child a chance and encourage them to participate in such games. When selecting the kind of game, it is also best to consider who your guests are going to be. In this way, you can choose ones which will best suit them. For garden party game suggestions, check this article from Yahoo! Voices.

These garden party ideas are some suggestions that can help you have a kick-start with your garden party planning.

Places for Birthday Parties – Where to Hold a Birthday Party

If you’re planning to host a big birthday party, then considering a good venue would be important for the celebration to be an unforgettable one. Surely celebrating at home is a great idea; however having a party outside can prove to be a more convenient and novel way of celebrating that big party. Especially if you’re going to have a big guest list, thinking of a much larger venue will be good so that you won’t have a hard time accommodating your visitors. Also, if you are going to have a theme for the birthday party, the setting or place of the party will have an impact on how the party will fit into the theme. Hence, if you are thinking of celebrating that big day on a separate venue, you should make necessary preparations and do planning early considering how the venue you want might be booked on the date of your party. Before you jump to that phase, what are some places for birthday parties to consider? Whether you are hosting a child’s, teen’s or an adult’s birthday party, this article will provide you with some fundamental information to help you have that question answered.

Cool Club Venue

An ideal location for adults of all ages, hosting your birthday party at a club is a great place for you and your guests to enjoy the night away. There will be lots of dancing and getting crazy moments which will certainly make everyone hyped about your party. You can also ask a band or DJ to perform to liven up the evening even more. Having a band perform is a perfect opportunity for the birthday celebrant to show off some of their hidden talents, especially in singing! Some clubs offer packages which are especially designed for birthdays. So, you better start scouting around your area to compare prices and find the club venue that will be a great place for you to celebrate turning a year older.

The Great Outdoors

Are you a person who enjoys adventures? If you are, then why not make that interest of yours a part of your next birthday party? Celebrating your birthday outdoors is also a great opportunity for you and your guests to enjoy some games that will bring out anyone’s adventurous side. Look for a place or restaurant around your area that has a nice view of nature – a place where you can easily set-up adventure games that every guest will enjoy. Of course, having a sort of kiosk or cottage around the area is recommended so that there will be a place for dining.

Pool Party

If you think of places for birthday parties, surely you can’t miss out on considering a celebration by the pool. Setting up a wet bar by the pool would be a great addition to the party and why not include an area for barbecues? Without a doubt, both young and old guests will love the idea of having a party by the pool.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas – Plan a Great Celebration for your Teen’s Birthday

Any birthday party will always focus on guests and the birthday celebrant having a great time. With all the exciting decorations, yummy food and enjoyable party games; a birthday party is something that everyone looks forward to. Hence, careful planning is important to ensure that the birthday party will turn out to be a success. And if you are in your teens, planning a birthday party can be challenging yet fun at the same time. You would love everyone to remember it in a great light that is worth reminiscing even in the years to come. Given that, what should you expect from a teenager birthday party? Teenagers have a fun-loving nature and such a characteristic of their youth shouldn’t be missed out in a celebration such as a birthday party. They might already be a little older for kiddie party ideas but there’s no need to worry as there are tons of teenage birthday party ideas to make that celebration unforgettable.

So, what should you consider for a teenage birthday party? What food should be prepared? What are the games that can add more life to the party? How should the venue be decorated? Well, the answers to such questions will greatly depend on what the celebrant wants. The party planning isn’t solely done by the parents since teenagers are more flexible with their ideas compared to when they were little youngsters who ran around in their diapers. In this article, we are presenting some teenage birthday party ideas which might be of interest to you. Who knows, you might stumble upon a theme or idea that can help you plan out that next big occasion:

Sports Party

A great birthday party theme for your MVP or maybe MVP-in-the-making, a sports-themed birthday party will surely be a great way to celebrate your jock turning a year older. Be sure to keep the athletic spirit alive from the invitations, cake, food, decorations and entire venue.

Luau Party

When thinking of birthday party ideas, one cannot simply overlook the possibility of hosting a luau (Hawaiian tropical) party theme. A luau party is ideal for older teens and you can even select this theme for your sweet 16 birthday party. Check the separate article we’ve made which focuses entirely on this theme. Just click this link for you to read it.

Glam Party

Holding a fab party for your teenage girl a la Hollywood glam is something to consider. The glitz and glamour accompanying the celebration will most definitely make the birthday celebrant feel special – just like a real star! Setting up a red carpet by the venue’s entrance is a great way of making your guests feel like Hollywood A-listers – well, that certainly is a great way to start any party.

Wild, Wild West Party

Unleash your cow boy/girl spirit through a wild, wild west party! This party theme is recommended for guy teens who love fun and adventure. Don’t forget to inform your guests about the proper attire and let them dress up like their favorite wild wild west characters.