18th Birthday Party Ideas: Plan The Coolest Party For Your Daughter

When a girl turns eighteen, it doesn’t only mean that this is the moment she experiences an awesome party, it is also the mark that she’s now becoming a young lady.  That is why 18th birthday celebrations should be very special and memorable.

Turning 18 only happens once in a girl’s life.  Most want to celebrate it with a bang while some want to just celebrate it with relatives and closest friends.  Neither, if you are planning to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday, I have a list of tips on different 18th birthday party ideas which can help you plan and throw a small or a big birthday party that your daughter will definitely cherish forever.

Most common party themes:

Let’s start out with the theme of the party.  There are tons of themes out there but here are my top picks best for debutantes:

Casino or Poker Themed Party

You probably will have guests who are above 18 are legal to play poker or blackjack. This kind of party theme will bring fun and excitement to your daughter’s guests.  You can simply head to your local casino or transform a venue to look like a real casino.

Princess Themed Party

This is the most common type of party where in everyone is invited to a ball-like party.  Everyone will be in their formal attire while the set-up of the desired venue would look like you are in a castle celebrating a party of a princess. Also popular to have a number of the princesses social dance – cotillion.

Club Themed Party

If your daughter loves to party like she is in a club, it is best to throw her this kind of theme on her birthday. You can hire your own DJ for the music and create a dance floor for everybody to move and groove at. Of course, it is not always required to serve alcoholic beverage to these young adults – you can serve punch or whatever type of drink you want to serve, I’m sure neither would be great!

Carnival Themed Party

A theme wear you will be able to feel young again. Cotton candy machines, theme park games, popcorn, lollipops and other things you can see in a carnival – you can serve them all in your daughter’s party.

Rock Themed Party

If your daughter loves rock music or into music, throwing her this kind of party would be the best idea. She might know a band that could play in her concert-like celebration and be the music in her party.

Now what’s a party if there are no party favors?  Your guests would love to receive a little something to remember your daughter’s debut.  It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. I have a few ideas that I can share you to have a memorable 18th birthday party:

Chocolate lollipops

Chocolates can be molded into different shapes.  If you are having a Casino themed party, you can shape the chocolates to poker chips or dollar sign.  Molds are available in a store near you or you can easily buy them online.

Loot bag of goodies

You can put just about anything in a loot bag.  You can throw in candies, trinkets, thank you card, etc.

Sugar cookies with frosting

  • This type of party favor can either be ordered or prepared at your home. Sugar cookie recipes can be looked up online or you can ask someone in the family who knows how to bake to help you.  You can make round cookies and write your daughter’s name on it by using frosting. Slip the cookie in a pouch and finish it with a ribbon.


It doesn’t have to be made out of gold. It can be made out of yarn, or any other affordable make of necklace. It would be great if you add a pendant that matches your party theme for everyone to have a memorabilia.


A simple keychain with your daughter’s name on it is an awesome giveaway for your guests.

You don’t have to spend so much money on little things; you can get tips of DIY’s online and just ask family members to help you or just follow the 18th birthday party ideas above.

Having a very memorable 18th birthday for your daughter doesn’t have to be pricey. You can always look up affordable things, venue and catering.  What’s important is that the fun is there along with your loved ones.

Things To Do For Your 18th Birthday

A woman’s 18th birthday is a day that marks her entry to the adult world and end of her childhood years. This celebration also signifies the start of greater independence, freedom, and responsibility. But before things get even more serious and complicated, you have to make it a point to always find time to enjoy and savor the moment and look for fun things to do for your 18th birthday. Since you celebrate your 18th birthday only once, you need to make it a point to celebrate it like how you want to remember it.

But let’s face it, whether you decide to throw an extravagant or small yet intimate event, what’s important here is to make the event more memorable and fun. Remember that it’s not about how much you’re willing to spend but rather on how much effort you are willing to put forth in preparing the event.

themeTheme party

Theme parties have become very popular these days. Theme parties are particularly popular among young people, especially those who are turning 18. Thus, if you have some favorite TV shows or theatre performance, might as well make as an inspiration to be the theme for your 18th birthday.

With this, all you have to do is to ask your friends to dress like their favorite character on whatever show or movie you want to use as your party’s theme. If you’re an avid fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you might want to decorate your party venue or your house like an anatomy classroom or laboratory. Of course, you don’t need to bring cadavers, but a replica would do.

Memory lane

Who doesn’t know memory lane? Aside from the fact that it’s popular, it’s also fun to be as a birthday laneidea. Memories are worth keeping and sharing. The best way to rekindle these memories is through pictures. Instead of the traditional memory lane where one compiles a scrapbook containing pictures from childhood, it’s also a good way to integrate the same treatment in decorating the party venue.

With that, you can adorn the entire room with different photos of the birthday celebrator since childhood up to the most recent. Although printing all these photos is the most challenging part, but if you can pull off this thing, it worth all the effort and the money’s well spent.

Spa night

spa28It’s very common among girls to spend their special day at the spa and pampering themselves. You can select some of your closest friends whom you are comfortable of hanging around. You can consider this day as your ultimate make over day where you can pamper your self with the latest beauty treatments available. You can sum this day with a sumptuous dinner with the gang right after that relaxing experience.

Although it’s fun to be young, you also need to remember that beauty comes naturally and as a symbolic way of saying this, having this kind of way to celebrate your special day can a fun way to do it.

Adventure day

Do you have that something that you’ve been planning of doing but too afraid of doing ever since? AdventureMaybe it’s the right to do all that now that you’re celebrating your 18th birthday. After all, life’s too short to live in regret by not doing things that you’ve been planning to do ever since.

Do you want to try bungee jumping or jumping off a flying airplane? This is the perfect day to unleash the adventurous side of you and who knows, you will realize it’s not that scary after all.

Hotel escapade

Have you wanted to spend a whole day at a vacation hotel but never had the chance of doing so? Then it’s probably the perfect time to do all these. Have that hotel vacation that you’ve been dreaming of. Book a hotel reservation today with some of your friends or your family and taste the different feeling of being independent.

Extra things that you can do to make this event more fun include ordering a pizza and take out booze in your hotel room and just have a night party at your hotel room. After all, you deserve to enjoy that night.

Host a formal party

While it can be true that you have spent most of your teenage life going to ragged parties, this time, try something new. You can host a party, but not just an ordinary party. You can throw a formal coat and tie party, just for a change.formal

However, make it a point that you have informed your guests about your plan and the dress code. It’s best to get the full cooperation of your guest and have them wear the prescribed dress code for the success of this event.

Wisdom night

wisdomThere are no other person to ask advised for when it comes to growing as a well-behaved adult than to seek the insights of those who are adults themselves. But to make your day less boring and more of a fun wisdom night, you can ask them to make it as light as possible more of the fun and less of the drama.

You can gather all the women in your family to sit down for a light talk over dinner. Make this as light as possible so as not to ruin your night. Instead of asking for advice, keep it as a light testimonials on how they were able to manage to surpass all the challenges that they have gone through during the transition stage.

Cool Sweet 16 Party Ideas

16aBefore a girl turns 18, she has to celebrate her sweet 16 first, which in most cases, are far more exciting than the former. That’s why to make the most out of this especial occasion, it’s just right to exhaust everything in order to come with the best sweet 16 party ideas of today. But in reality, this often leads to confusion as to what makes a great sweet sixteen party really memorable and momentous?

In this particular article, we will dig in deeper on what are the qualities of a successful sweet 16 birthday party and why many people are missing a lot from the very beginning up to the end part of party organizing.


One of the most common mistakes that we have about any party for that matter is that one has to spend much money for it to be successful, which is absolutely untrue. In fact, although the budget play a vital role in any event’s success, it has nothing to do with its success.16

At the end of the day, it’s how you manage it and how you make the most out of it. So to give you a quick ideas on some of the most practical sweet sixteen birthday ideas, here are some of them:

Dinner party

Perhaps holding a movie night coupled with some sumptuous dishes is probably one of the most practical and economical ways to spend anyone’s special day, whether it’s one’s 16th or 18th birthday.

So here’s the catch: to make this seemingly ordinary way to celebrate a special occasion more fun, you can introduce some twists in it. You can invite some of your special friends to come over to your place or you can meet at the movie house then you will end the night with a delicious dinner at your favorite stake house.

If your budget permits, you can go to the movie house and watch one of the latest movies that feel like watching. But if you’re the family type of person, you might as well spend the night with your family watching your most favorite film as a family. Remember, it doesn’t have to be latest films. You can go back and watch again some of the films that you used to watch while you were just small kids.

slumberSlumber night

Just invite some of your closest friends and gather for a slumber night. You can stay up all night as talk about different things and most of all, some of the hottest gossips in your school or neighborhood. But remember, it’s no fun to make fun of other people or enjoying at the expense of other people. So be mindful and limit yourself when it comes to the kinds of gossip that you will indulge yourselves.

To make the night extra special, you can do some other activities like in-house salon where you will pamper yourselves with different beauty treats from hip nail colors to cute dress make-over.


Kids are generally thrill seekers and they always love the kind of excite they get from different adventurous activities that older people find too much. Although it’s basically more natural among guys to be adventure seekers than girls, this does not mean that the latter won’t enjoy an adventure-filled birthday party.

White water rafting

Over the years, white water river rafting has become very popular among many people not only those who love adventure. In fact, this is also a good way to spend one’s special day, or perhaps, one’s sweet sixteen birthday celebration.white_water_rafting_snapsho

You can tag along some of your friends whom you think loves the waters and will enjoy the outdoors. However, if you’re friends are not those adventure-seeker types, might as well convince them to go out and enjoy nature and have some adventure of your life. Since it’s your special day, chances are, they will be more than willing to join you here.


If you think white water rafting is not your thing and you’re up to something much bigger, then, you might want to try out skydiving. Bring out the fun side of you and experience that adrenaline rush that they’ve been talking.skydiving1

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you should also limit yourself to what are the things that you can only do. In fact, there are certainly more things that you can do and you are capable of doing and one of which is to do skydiving. It’s true that it can get very scary, especially if it’s your first time, but with the proper preparation as well as support from the professionals, you’re in good hands.

Girls’ thing

girlsSometimes, it’s just good to experience the things that kids your age are also experiencing. If those adventurous and out-of-the-box activities are just not your thing, then you might want to try the conventional ones that your peers are pretty inclined to do.

Beauty treat

Whether we like it or not, girls will always be girls. And what’s one of the things that make girls go crazy? Beauty treats. Going on a salon is a great way to pamper yourself and just have a nice day at the salon with your girl friends.

Pamper yourself with pedicures, manicures, and other spa essentials that girls love. Unwind and take a break from the crazy teenage life and indulge yourself with the most exquisite spa treatment you can have.

Shopping spree

There’s just that kind of excitement that shopping gives to people, especially the ladies. As a matter of fact, girls love to shop, like real shopping. But let’s admit it, since most of girls at this age are still not earning, shopping is oftentimes, something that they have to depend on their parents for money.

But since you only get to celebrate this occasion and you’re still looking for the best sweet 16 party ideas, it can be a great way to spend your special day. Remember that although it’s special day, you still have to be responsible in terms of buying only what you need.

Glow party ideas and essentials

Over the years, many people have become very creative when it comes to different ways to celebrate events such as birthdays. One clear example of that is the emergence of different glow party ideas that are really exquisite and great ways to celebrate birthdays.


Glow party is a type of party that literally glows in the night. From the name itself, any party, whether it’s a birthday or corporate event that’s main theme is lighting, especially neon lights. This has become one of the hottest and newest trends in the party scene not only in the United States but all over the world.

This is very common in fraternity ragers, birthday party events, and even to private house parties across the world. When we say about a glow party, it is something where everyone, from the guests to the party organizers, is told to wear anything fluorescent or very bright colored clothes.

Aside from the fluorescent clothes, partygoers are also encouraged to attend the party with their accessories that actually glow in the dark. It’s important to note that wearing glow-in-the-dark accessories is necessary at some glow parties because it enhances the fluorescent clothes they wear as these accessories will illuminate under the specialized lighting.

Throwing a glow party is indeed not for everyone, as this requires a lot of technicalities, especially on the lighting part. However, if you’ve done all your homework, you will realize it’s indeed fun.

Before going deeper to the organizing part, it’s good to know what are the basic elements that make a great glow party. At the end, it all boils down to how well you managed in getting all those essentials altogether.

Black lights

Just like how you need the beach to hold a beach party, you need the black light to have a glow party. It’s actually among the most important items you need to secure it ahead of time if you need to have a successful block party.

When talking about glow party, it’s also the very first thing that comes to peoples’ mind. Black lights actually are not light that produce “black” lights. Instead, it’s just a name given to a specialized light that makes bright colored objects appear fluorescent.

You can borrow black lights from your friends who have held this kind of events in the past. Or alternatively, there are online shops that sell black lights for about $10 or even less. While looking for black lights online, you can also browse some of the glow-in-the-dark decorations and see if you can make similar to these items on your own.

Interestingly enough, if you can’t manage to get a black light, you can still improvise and hold your own glow party. You just have to use glow-in-the-dark adornments and decorations then you will now have your own glow party.

Glow sticks

Glow sticks are another glow party essentials that must be present when you hold your own glow party. Although it’s not a must, on its own, it’s best to have a few just to have that legit glow party feeling. Again, although it’s another glow party essential, you should not consider a party without this as a failure.sticks

If you’re having a hard time buying glow sticks from your local stores, you can start searching online and you will realize there are literary plenty of stores that sell similar products.

Glow sticks are plastic tube-like that are bendable and very flexible. These can be worn as a band or a wrist band, which contains certain type of mixture that when activated, gives an illuminating effect that will last for several hours.

These sticks can be worn as band, pendant, or even as bracelets. Some online and even offline stores sell these for $10 or less.

Pens and paper (fluorescent)

To bring your party to the next level, you should invest on your decorations. There’s no other way to create that legit glow party feeling than to start with the decorations.

The good thing at glow parties is that you get to decide how you will go to decorate your party place, especially since there’s really no rule for this, expect that you need to make your party place as dark as possible.pens

You will need the fluorescent pens and paper in making your own party decorations. There are specialized types of papers for this purpose, such as the construction paper, which are illuminated under the black light. Alternatively, you can use other specialized pens or highlighters such as those neon-marking pens instead of the ordinary black/blue markers.

For this, you really don’t have to spend more money on getting these, especially since you can easily find one in your own drawers or from your local stores.

Glowing lights (LEDs)

Having glow lights, preferably LEDs, are a great way to bring your glow parties to the next level. These are great additions to make your glow party more sophisticated. Yet again, it’s not a must to have these lights, but these will enhance your decorations. These are just ordinary bulbs expect that you will be using it for your glow party.

Since these are just the typical LED lights that you get to in your local stores, getting them are not actually difficult. Aside from that, LEDs are now very accessible in terms of price, so there’s really no excuse for getting one or two.

If you know someone who knows who to manipulate the and play with LED lights, you can ask them to work on the circuiting to make these lights blink or have that flashing effect.

Or, you can actually make use of the old Christmas lights from the last December and improvise it to look like a glow party club. You see, it’s all about the lighting and tons of creativity. Better yet, you can purchase specialized lightings for this for only $10 or so.

Whether it’s a glow party or not, it all boils down to creativity and resourcefulness. In fact, if you will just make use of the things you can find around your house and with the help of your friends, you can actually hold a glow party or any party for that matter without spending any single penny.

Top 18th Birthday Presents Ideas

Having someone you know celebrating her or his 18th birthday is a great feeling. But when you’re invited to that person’s birthday party, customs tell us that it’s just fitting to bring anything for that people. Thus, knowing some of the most practical and easy to find 18th birthday presents ideas can go a long way.jo

But in reality, finding yourself in this situation can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know the celebrator that well, which can make the whole thing more complicated. Whether you are a family or a friend of someone who’s about to turn 18, 18th birthday celebrations are actually fun. In some cultures, debuts mark the transition of a young girl to a more mature adult.

If you’re fortunate enough to get invited, it’s a sign of respect to at least give something to the celebrator anything that will make this day much fun and memorable. To give you an idea of what are the most appropriate gift ideas that you should be brining here are some of the categories that you can choose from:


Journals are great gift for the present as these are both sentimental and practical. A journal has plenty of usage; from personal daily record of events to one’s personal life to just simple for note taking purposes.


With a journal, a personal can keep record of her thoughts and insights that can become a very important memory in the future. Although most kids of today prefer having a electronic gadgets like e-books and all, but keeping a journal is still something very unique.


Gifts for the future would include more practical and useful learning. This could range from a ticket to a one-week crash course about a cooking or a DVD of how to do things. Gifts in this category are essential for survival and can mean so much to the person not only today but in the years to come.

Gifts that a woman can use or make the most of up to the future are ideal if you want to empower women to become better member of the society and to make them more independent. Although it’s a very noble intention, you can also give gifts under this category like a small savings account that she can use to start her own savings.


If the celebrator is someone who is passionate about something, then giving her something that can do that hobby, for example, more efficient, is perfect. It can be in a form of a tool or equipment. It doesn’t have to be that big or expensive.

What matters most is the thought that counts and the benefit that she can get by using that tool.


scrapDo you want the celebrator cherish precious memories from the past? There’s no other way than to give her something that will remind her of the past like a scrapbook filled with photographs from birth up to the present.

Although it’s always good to look forward, it’s also great to look back and cherish the memories you have with your friends, family, and with the community.

First Birthday Ideas Every Parent Should Know

Your precious baby just turned 1 and it just means something: tome for a celebration. But to make this event a successful one as well as fun, of course, you need to do little tricks that are just so easy to do. From generating some first birthday ideas to the actual implementation, you need all sorts of information that will guide you nail this event for your most beloved child.


Regardless of how you plan your child’s first birthday, either it’s for the family and make it as intimate as possible or you want to invite family friends, you need to make this day extra special. Some say that there are only a few milestones in one’s life that must be celebrated in a more special manner and one of which is a child’s first birthday.

For your child’s first birthday first birthday ideas, it’s usually the parents’ guests who are most likely to be invited for the event as the child’s too young to have his or her own circle of friends. Although this can be very overwhelming to the child and chances are, your child won’t even remember any single detail of it, still, you need to celebrate it though. So to make your task of planning a birthday party for your child more fun and less stressful, you need to consider these simple things:

Guest list

Since the social skills of children at this age isn’t fully developed, it’s expected that your child will find the event annoying and sometimes, it pisses them off when they see a lot of strangers hanging around in your house while they are dressed in a very uncomfortable clothing. But still, you have 101 reasons to make this event a successful one.


So the decision of who are going to your child’s party is totally up to you (parents or guardians). But despite their lack of social attentiveness, this does not mean that children at this age aren’t capable of communicating with the world or with the people who are attending their party so it’s also best to invite pleasant individuals and friends who are kind to children and comfortable hanging out with them.

You can either choose to throw a personal and more intimate gather where you can invite only close friends and family or choose to have a simple get together with your family and friends, as well as close neighbors.

But still, make it a point that your child gets every attention from you regardless of how busy you will are. So you need to take into account that aspect, especially when things get overwhelming and you might forget that you still have a one-year-old to take care and needs attention.


We can’t talk about party planning talking about the budget. According to a survey, parents should not spend more than $500 for a first birthday party. The amount can go as low as $50, which largely depends on different considerations.of

How much to spend on a first birthday party of your baby is totally up to you. When considering the budget for the party, you also need to take into account some of the most important aspects of the events such as food and venue. For this, food is basically the sole driving force that determines the budget.


Since the date is given, in most situations, the time is another thing that needs to be carefully planned out. When choosing the time, it’s wise to consider some of the trivial things that might actually have an impact to the success of the events.

Things like your child’s nap time is a very trivial yet plays a key role in determining the success of your event. Since you’re familiar with the nap time of your own child, it’s wise to consider this when making arrangement with the party venue or other aspect of the party.


Your home is probably one of the best party venue for your child’s first birthday. It’s very impractical to hold it in a very extravagant hotel or resort, unless you have all the means. However, if you think your home can’t accommodate the number of guests you are expecting, then holding it some place else is your ultimate option.

Don’t limit your option around your home or hotels/resorts, there are other possible party venues that your can choose from. Some of these are free such as your parents or relatives’ place or in some residential complex the communal party area. Zoo or your church can also be alternative venues if you’re thinking of unique way to celebrate this event.


For practicality purposes, having a theme for your one-year-old child is not that important. Instead, you can just have a one-color motif where you got to coordinate or have a uniform color for all the party essentials like the party invitation and decoration.theme1

You can choose matching table, plates and table napkins with a common cartoon character on it. However, since your child doesn’t have that preference at this stage, its basically just for the sake of having one that for your child’s likes.


Since your holding a children’s party, it’s very impractical to prepare high-end and sophisticated dishes. Instead make your menu simple. After all, plenty of food will just be wasted and end up in the trash.

Finger food will be perfect not only for the kids but for the adults as well. In fact, kids can go on with their plays without stopping from eating or the parents from talking to the other guests.


Also, when planning the food to prepare, consider the age of the kids whom you’re going to invite. Remember that kids below five years old have delicate tummies and most of them are on special diet. So it’s wise to consider food that doesn’t interrupt with any special diet. If you find it difficult to know, don’t be afraid to ask the parents. It’s better safe than sorry.

Whether the party you are planning for your child is extravagant or simple, preparation can go a long way. Thus, to make the most out of it, learn how to plan and see how it can make a difference.

How To Throw A Successful Children’s Birthday Party

Without a doubt, parties are great occasions and they too are fun. But on the other hand, they can get really messy and absolutely stressful for people who are planning it. But don’t worry, as there are proven ways to minimize the stress and the frustration that you can possibly get from organizing a children’s birthday party by just paying extra attention to some things ahead of time.


Things can really get extremely problematic when your planning a party all of the sudden, especially children’s birthday party. However if you’ve prepared enough well before hand, it will become extremely easier on your part to go about the various hindrances that most parents are going through.


Planning carefully ahead of time can go a long way, especially for children’s party. The last thing that you would want to happen is to find yourself going back and forth trying to juggle things as you try to do last minute preparations on the day of the party.

As we all know, handling any event can get really messy and at times, can be very frustrating. Not to mention the possible problems that might go along the way while you’re doing all the preparation. So if possible, try your very best to avoid doing cramming as this won’t do any good to the event.


You need to make it a point that you are aware of all the details of the party from who are your guests to the food being served like the back of our hand. Things as important as these need to be at your end at least weeks before the events to make room for possible amendments if need arises.


Part of the preparation process includes making a tentative menu where you list the food you will be having. Also, minute details of the party must also be laid out like the decorations as well as the details of the party’s activities.

It might also be important to impose strict limit to your number of guests. While it is true that it’s extremely difficult on how to make the message across, but it’s possible. When conveying to the parents that there’s a headcount limit, try to be as polite as possible as you might be hurting feelings of children and their parents.

At the end of the day, an extra guest means an extra expense, especially if you’re holding the event in a restaurant or resort. That’s just how life works. Things whether the siblings of the invited kid are allowed and the watcher are among the issues that need clarification.

Get some help

You’re not a superhuman. No matter how you think you got things covered, you still needs the help of other people, especially your family. To avoid confusion and further chaos, make it a point that when you’re delegating tasks to your family or relatives, they should know what they need to do as well as how they will be able to do those tasks.

When giving instructions to these people, be concise as possible as they really don’t know the specific details of the party, unless they where there from the start.

One of the most common mistakes that most parents commit when they are organizing an event is the thought that the have everything under control, which is very unlikely. No matter how you try to make belief that you got everything under control, it’s just not the case, actually. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. So if you feel you need an extra hand, don’t hesitate to ask for one for sure, your family and friends are more than willing to help you out.

Child-friendly food

Although most kids are not very particular with the food being served on the table, it’s just right and proper to consider that after all, your guests are mostly kids. Since you’re preparing for a children’s party, there’s no point to prepare extra-complicated dishes and cuisines that normal kids won’t appreciate anyways.

But for the sake of your other guests such as the parents of the children and your other adult guests, it’s okay to prepare some adult or real food. Also, no matter how you try to inculcate good food values to your kids, at the end of the day, kids will be kids. Sometimes, it’s good to have them experience food that normal kids at their age used to enjoy, unless of course if their on a special diet because of a life-and-death health condition.food

As much as possible, avoid oily and messy types of food. In as much as the kids deserve delicious and real food, most of them are after the games and not the food and giving them messy food can ruin their playing.

For this purpose, chips and traditional finger snacks are ideal for children’s parties. This is because they are just to easy to carry and eat without having the need of plate. You can in fact show how creative you are through your food.

It can be a fun idea to have a build your own ice cream sundae or cupcake. Set out bowls of different sprinkles and different things they can build for dessert. Make sure that you’ve put out newspapers underneath, because sprinkles will get


Probably one of the single most important elements to a children’s party is the kind of activities that are played. It’s not just ordinary activities but appropriate games and activities for their age.

Regardless of the kind of party you are planning, you need to make it a point that every child in that party is having fun. There’s only one way of doing this: fun and engaging activities.


As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, kids are more particular on the type of activities than on the food served to them. So if you want to have a child-friendly and fun party, you need to carefully plan the activities you will be doing. Some party hosts would hire professional emcees and party clown just to ensure that they are getting the right party feeling for all the children guests.

60th Birthday Party Ideas, Planning Tips

Although many people thought that growing old is sad, it doesn’t really have to be that sad if you just know how to accept it wholeheartedly. But how can a person accept the fact that he is indeed growing old? Let’s start with the celebration and there’s only one way to make it great—creative 60th birthday party ideas.

It’s a fact that old-age can be very tough, especially if you don’t know how to spend it well and you don’t have special people beside you to spend it with. In most western societies, where adults are mostly got left behind by their children or younger relatives, growing old becomes a very traumatic stage in one’s life that everyone has to go through.60

On the other side, if you were able to do what you ought to do in your much younger years, this stage or entering this phase becomes less scary and much easier.

One of the ways to mark one’s entry into this very challenging period is to celebrate this day with a bang! While it is true that most people don’t really see the need to have an extravagant celebration for a 60th birthday, the fact one was able to reach this age is something and deserves a celebration.

Turning 60 is a major milestone in one’s life and there’s no excuse not to celebrate it in a more special manner.


Just like any other party, event or birthdays for that matter, preparing the invitation should be the starting point. From the invitation, one will be able to gather more vital information such as the number of visitors, which will in turn determine the party venue, type of food to be served, and so on and so forth.

So before anything else, you got to spend much time preparing your guest list and crafting that invitation. Whether you decide to send out, traditional or more high-tech invitations, what’s important is that you got to send the right invites to the right people.op

Even sending out invitations, sending them at least eight weeks in advance is advised. But if you’re on a tight schedule, 2-4 weeks before the actual event will do. However, just to be sure, it’s best to send these invitations ahead of time, the sooner, the better. Avoid sending last minute invitations to make sure you give enough time to your expected guest to also plan their own schedules; this is also a basic form of courtesy.


If you think you no longer need to worry about the decoration aspect because you’re preparing for someone’s 60th birthday, you’re missing the point. It’s actually not that hard to think of ways to make a 60th birthday party decoration fun.

In fact, just a simple hanging of the celebrator’s picture when he was still a kid can go a long way and will absolutely bring different fun to the event. For the table set up, you can have different memorabilia and pictures of the celebrator or anything that’s very representative of the celebrator. You can get as many pictures as you can from baptismal to college pictures. That’d be great. For the other element of the decoration, you can add some kinds of fun elements like a giant cardboard where all the guests can write their personal greetings to the celebrator as well as a awkwardly giant birthday card and anything that’s out of the ordinary.

Table arrangement and food

There’s no birthday party if there’s no food. Let’s face it, food plays a vital role to any event, although it’s not alone the sole driver to its success. But before worrying about the food to be served, let’s work on first on the table arrangement and decoration.

Serving the VIPs’ favorites is a good way to do it. If you’re holding the party at your own home, buffet-style set-up is common. This is also a good way for your guests to interact with other guests as they get their own food. If possible, especially for events that are more casual, it’s best to use recyclable plates.


For events like this, it’s always best to hold it at your home to make events more fun and more intimate. This will also allow your guests to feel comfortable that they would feel if they’re in fancy restaurant or in a rented banquet room.

But if you’re holding the event in a restaurant or have hired a professional catering service provider, you can still enliven this event by bringing more flavors to the event such as putting some personalized decoration.

When it comes to food, if you’re holding the event privately, you have more choice as to the food you’re serving or to the decoration aspect of it. But if you’re hiring a caterer, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to prepare the food and you will have more time to attend to other important things.


Interesting 30th birthday party ideas 

When you’re on the verge of hitting the big 3-0, it’s not all about sadness and there’s really no reason for you to cry just because you’re about to say goodbye to your 20s. So to make this day more of a positive experience, you need to know some of the fun 30th birthday party ideas to help you face this day with enthusiasm and an overflowing positive energy.30th-Birthday-Party-Ideas..

You can start whipping out those balloons as well as the cake, as we present you some of today’s hippest and hottest collection of 30th birthday party ideas that are not only fun but also easy to do. Because practicality matters, it’s actually essential to make that event more practical than extravagant.

Unlike some other birthdays that people used to go through, it’s actually interesting to note that most people, according to some accounts, love commemorating their 30th birthday by throwing a special birthday party. Since this is basically the very first milestone that an adult go through, most people find it interesting to spend it in a more unique and different as they would spend their 21st birthday.

Generally, it’s advised that in order to have a fun and successful party, one should focus his or her energy in making this event more successful. In terms of the specific details of the party like the essentials, drinks and food are on top of the list.

Things like ensuring having a great drinks and sumptuous food should be the priority of the party organizer. Minor things like the theme and other details of the events should come much later. But this does not mean that it should be taken from one’s priority list.

As a matter of fact, you do not actually have to stress yourself out of other things like the decoration and the set up of the party venue, especially since you have your whole life enjoying detail specific parties. This time, it’s all about how to make things extra special minus the minute details of the party.

To give you an idea, the lifestyle as well as the taste of most people aged 30 are so diverse. They can be either enjoying the prime of their career or having their own families. Thus, in organizing your party, it’s best to take into account things like this as this will help you have a better understanding on what are the things that might be best to plan a great 30th birthday party.

It would be just right and proper to host a simple cocktail party in your own house. Or, you could hold it in a more sophisticated party venue just for dancing. You can rent our the whole party venue just for your event and enjoy the company of your friends.

If you think they are the type of folks who love the outdoors, might as well throw an outdoor party. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and lavish. In fact, a simple get together while doing a picnic will actually do.mk

If your friends already have their own family, you can allow them to bring their children and if you have your kids yourself, then that would be a great way to have a bonding with big families.

Regardless of what type of party you have decided to do, what matters most is to make it more intimate and more personal. Remember that you had enough of those bar hopping experience when you were much younger. It’s time to spend more time with your family and people who are really close to your heart.

So to give you an idea on some of the most practical and easy-to-do 30th parties, here are some ideas that will get your started:


Parties such as birthdays, are perfect excuse in opening and letting loose some bottles of champagne. So what are some of the better ways to announce your celebration than having some eye-catching signage in glitter and neon lights.

lkGlittering Photos

From the iconic cupcake liners to a stunning metallic number 30, there are just plenty of things and reasons to celebrate and consider this event a special one. One good way to make it more personal is to make a brief and funny tribute to yourself just don’t make it sound or feel like you’re in a funeral hearing a eulogy.

Stout cakecake

Can you still recall the same cake you got as you turned 21? Not quite. But it’s still best to have some of these as you turn 30 this year. You can still savor how a beer-filled cake tastes like.


Bonfire has that something that makes people become more emotional. Now, it’s the right time to make amends to people whom you have hurt or it could be the right time to say what you have to say to anyone that you haven’t found the courage to do so. To make it more unique, you can consider arrange some matches that spell out how hold are you now.

Floating chandelier7087-balloon-chandelier-u610299c3586381d634016530032765579_ballons-det300_-_copiejpg

You can be as creative as you can when you’re celebrating your 30th birthday. One of the best ways to do it is through balloon chandelier. It’s a great way to hang some memories of you tied up to a floating balloon just above your friends’ top. It would be nice to rekindle good memories through your photos as you go back to each of those pictures.

Fashion event

Although it’s very unlike for a 30 year old to be so hooked up to a fashion show as they used to when they were on their much younger years, it’s not an excuse to not have a fashion inspired party.

What To Do On Your 18th Birthday

weTurning 18 is indeed a major milestone to many people. But this big day can become too overwhelming to the point of not being able to do things that we should be doing in the first place. Thus, before everything gets even more complicated, it’s best to plan this day head and know what to do on your 18th birthday.

Although it may sound plain and simple to many, but it is actually difficult to figure out what are the things that one should be doing on his or her 18th birthday. Despite of our efforts to prepare for this big day, there will always be those times when things go out of our control.

Considering the fact that this event marks the new responsibilities as well as rights bestowed upon an individual, anyone’s eighteenth birthdays should be celebrated with much anticipation and preparation. Regardless of what type of party you have in mind, whether it’s formal or something personal and intimate, you need to know some of the basics in birthday party planning and you need to celebrate it in style.

So before we encounter such times, it’s best to act fast and do what we ought to do everything gets even crazier and before we lose control. At the end of the day, it’s all about how well you have prepared for this event. The more time you have put in planning this day, the more chances of you getting a more fun and successful event.

Perks and benefits

Try to know what are the benefits, both legally and culturally, that comes along as one turns 18. Knowing these perks or benefits will make you feel more excited and enthusiastic to celebrate and anticipate this special day with great level of energy.

These benefits and perks are actually dependent on which part of the world you are living. If you’re in western country or in more democratic nations, chances are, you share the same perks and benefits that most adults share.

This actually applies whether you’re preparing for your own party or for someone who’s about to turn 18. It’s very common to do things or stuff that you normally aren’t allowed to do when you were just minors. So to have a preview of the adult world ahead of you, why not have a taste of what life in stores for you at this very day.

In most countries, when someone turns 18, drinking liquor becomes legal. Thus, if you decide to have some drinks, make it a point that you drink in moderation and drink responsibly. Don’t drink as if it’s your last day to drink. Instead, think of it as your preview to what’s in store for you. Anyways, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Things such as having a tattoo, cigarettes, getting married, joining the military, and even voting the first time, are just some of the things that you will experience and hopefully enjoy when you turn 18. Try to appreciate what really matters to you and make it as a starting point as you plan for your 18th birthday. After all, you only turn 18 once so make the most out of it by making it memorable as possible.

Many people marks it by just getting legal documents that they can only get when they are technically allowed to do so like getting a valid driver’s license. You might want to get a professional license from your student license, which has many restrictions. Although it’s not the ideal way to celebrate it, at least it’s something that worth doing on your special day.

lottoLotto tickets

Although it’s something not very common among some teens, but some people are very interested in buying lottery tickets. You want to try your luck and who knows, you just a ticket away from winning a million dollar or more.

For some, one of the things that they want to do when they turn 18 is to buy a lotto ticket. Maybe it’s the thrill of what if they’re going to win the jackpot that makes many young people so driven to the idea of buying one.

Smoke legally

Although this might not be your first time to smoke a cigarette, but it’s worth the feeling of smoking teens-smoking-390x285when you no longer have to hide or whatever that hold you back. Certainly, it’s not recommended to anyone to smoke cigarette, but for the sake of getting the feeling of what it feels to actually smoke as an adult; that’s what matters.

After all, it’s your life and you got to decide which direction you have to take and that you can’t decide for yourself. By having the feeling of smoking yourself, you might be able to decide whether smoking is really something for you. Since tobacco has high levels of addicting properties, it’s advised that you use it just for the sake of the experience and not to really drown yourself with nicotine because you will find it hard to withdraw once you’re now hooked to it.

Have yourself tattoo

While it’s not advised to have a permanent tattoo, if you feel like it, then by all means have it. But for starters, just for the sake of the celebration, it’s best to just start with a more temporary tattoo like henna.ear-stretching-and-back-tattoo-for-girls

Since you’re now on a legal age, you don’t actually need your parents’ consent if you want to get inked. Not because you’re not required to have a parental consent to have a tattoo now that you’re an adult doesn’t mean you instantly have one. As having a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, you should consider all aspects from your readiness to whether or not you’re committed to get one.

In a nutshell, turning 18 is indeed a momentous event to many people. While many consider this as a rite to passage and some don’t really give much importance to this as there are more things in life that need their attention, still, it worth your time and effort to at least make this day extra special. After all, we only turn 18 once.

Out of the box party themes

Parties are generally fun. Events like this make us happy and very important ways to spend time with families and friends to celebrate a very momentous event to a person’s life. But despite the fun that we can get from experiences like this, still organizing it, especially coming up with the right party themes can be a pin in the neck.adultbirthdaypartyideas2.126

The theme to a particular part, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, plays a vital role to the success of that event. In fact, in some cases, regardless of how extravagant are the other aspects of the party but the theme is rather off, this means a disaster to any event. It’s also worthy to take note that a party’s theme doesn’t only mean the clothes you wear to that event or the decorations.

A party’s theme encompasses everything from the color or motif of the event to the very specific details of the event. This may sound straightforward and simple but the once you’re on the end of organizing any event yourself, you will soon realize that it’s more than that.



Consistency is a major and important thing to consider when coming up with a theme for any party, whether it’s a birthday or even a corporate event. What’s important here is that every aspect of the event from the color of choice to the decorations must be consistent.

Consistency is also a crucial yet often taken for granted by many party organizers for several reasons.  One of the most important ways to ensure that there’s a consistency in your theme is to ensure that everything’s been planned out.

To do this, planning ahead like discussing with different people in your life like your family and friends the details of the event. Avoid jumping from one aspect of the event to another then going back and forth. This won’t do anything good to the event.


Getting some ideas

Sometimes, getting some ideas on what kind of party theme that’s appropriate can be a nerve-wracking experience not to mention the agony that one gets when running out of their creative juices.

However, there are several strategies that one can try to make this process a lot easier and less frustrating such as coming up with “out-of-the-box” ideas. People who are daring and adventurous will surely find this one very rewarding, especially since these individuals are the ones who are tired of doing the usual and typical things that most people are doing.

Since you had several years doing some of those typical party themes, it’s probably the best time to try some unique and extraordinary ideas that you haven’t tried before but you’re meaning to do it.

If your own imagination doesn’t help you, you can resort to seeking your friends’ and family’s creative inputs. Have you ever heard the phrase that says two heads are better than one? Well, it’s the most fitting time to try this and see for yourself how other people come up with creative inputs that you yourself can’t even manage to imagine.


Time to organize things

Once you’ve finally decided to have a party and you have picked the right theme for that party, it’s time to start putting things all together. Sometimes, it’s the implementation part of party organizing scares many people.

Although it’s true that it’s really not easy to organize a party, the implementation part should never be as difficult as it should be provided that you have done your homework. If you really did do your part, the implementation part should never be as difficult as it should because you only got to make everything that you have planned out in reality.ior

The key to a successful party, especially during the organization part, is keeping yourself organized. Now that you have established a plan on how things should fall, your next concern is to ensure that you will stick to this plan.

Deviating to your earlier plan is relatively okay but it should not be made to make a short cut or anything that will make the event less fun than it was originally planned. The key here aside from being so organized is to prepare for all kinds of contingencies as well as eventualities and make it a point that despite possible deviation, the event will be generally successful.


Sample themes

To help people to make a smarter choice in picking the right party theme, listed on this article are some of the most unique and out-of-the-box themes for different parties that one can adopt, modify, and or follow as it is:


Throwback night

Throwback posts have been very popular in social media, especially on Facebook. You might have noticed that your Facebook friends love posting some of their photos taken years or even decades ago.

But for a party theme, you can have a throwback inspired party them and you will require your guests to dress on a particular decade then you will have a game wherein guests will have to guess from what decade a guest’s dress for example was made popular.

Aside from the fact that this can induce creativity among your visitors, this can also make your event more fun and colorful.


God and Goddess

Forget Disney’s most famous princesses and princes. It’s time for a mythology inspired party theme and the best way to have it is to have some kind of famous gods and goddesses costume parade.


Don’t limit yourself to Roman and Greek mythologies. Although there’s nothing wrong if you will choose them considering the fact that it’s easily identifiable. However, for the spirit of creativity, you can explore other myths from all over the world that are often forgotten if not unknown to many people.

esChinese in the parts of Asia and the Aztec in the Americas are just among these mythologies with colorful taste. You can incorporate these unique cultures and myths to your own party theme from the outfits to your event decoration.

This is a very good way to also educate the younger generations about other interesting myths from all over the world outside Greece and Rome.